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Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 14:59
We would like to kindly inform you that on May 15 our office will be open until 15:00. Shortening the working time of this day, Ecorys Polska joins the campaign "2 Hours for Family" - its main purpose is to encourage employees to spend spare hours...
Our office will be closed on May 2
Monday, April 29, 2019 - 11:04
Please be advised that our office will be closed on May 2. May 1 and 3 are public holidays in Poland.
Applications shortlisted in the FRC
Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 09:38
Following the call for proposals announced in 2018, 42 concepts notes have now been shortlisted to be developed further...
FRC: fund updates
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 15:56
The call for proposals under the Fund for Regional Cooperation resulted in more than 700 applications involving...
Our office will be closed on December 24
Thursday, December 20, 2018 - 15:59
Please be advised that during the Christmas and New Year period, our office will be closed on December 24, 2018.
Ecorys Poland is a research and consultancy company, operating as a part of an international Ecorys Group. For 20 years we have been using the specific knowledge and creativity of over 550 dedicated experts, providing professional services for public sector entities, international corporations, NGOs and SME sector companies..

Our experts

  • Adam Rybkowski

    Lead Consultant, Policy & Research

    He is responsible for evaluation of operational programmes, research in social problems solving and sociology policy. Since 2014, Adam has been involved in drafting strategy papers for functional areas.

  • Agata Maksimowska

    Consultant, Programme & Project Management

    Social researcher, specialising in qualitative methods. She worked in public cultural institutions and non-governmental organisations, where she coordinated various international cultural and social projects. She also has experience as a project expert for grant-making programmes.

  • Agnieszka Makulec

    Manager, International Research Team

    Agnieszka is a specialist in research related to migration, education, labour market, social inclusion and public health. She has designed and managed numerous studies and evaluations for the European Commission and the European Parliament as well as for the Polish state administration. She is skilled in utilising various qualitative and quantitative research techniques supported by professional experience and training.

  • Bartłomiej Sokołowski

    Business Development Director

    Experienced sociologist and market researcher specialised in marketing and customer behavior, loyalty and satisfaction research, category management, retail audit and mystery shopper projects. The member of The Polish Society of Market and Opinion Researchers (PTBRiO). He has been working with consulting companies, retail chains, FMCG and HoReCa industry, financial industry, publishing, petrochemical networks, automotive companies or pharmaceutical companies.

  • Darya Zavertalyuk

    Lead Consultant, International Development Unit

    She has over 4 years of experience in planning, monitoring and implementing international projects across the European Union and partner countries. Darya has extensive knowledge of the European Union external policy, she has thorough understanding of its instruments and tender procurement rules and hands-on experience in the project cycle management.

  • Dominika Safin

    Consultant, International Research Team

    She is a graduate in International Development and Emerging Markets, specialised in the fields of education, youth, women empowerment and gender equality. Her experience in consulting and research includes carrying out projects for some of the largest international, governmental, non-governmental and private organisation. Dominika’s work focuses on the EU and India.

  • Elena Diaconu

    Lead Consultant, International Development Unit

    Elena has over 17 years of experience in managing international projects, including managerial experience gained through her involvement in coordination of complex project funded by the European Union. Her responsibilities include business development, international cooperation and international project management.

  • Iwona Kania

    Manager, Policy & Research

    She is responsible for implementation of programs focused on lifelong learning, career counselling, effectiveness assessment of policy and solutions concerning horizontal issues, unemployment prevention policies, professional inactivity, social and occupational inclusion. Iwona is experienced with project design and coordination of implementation of activities within evaluation, training and educational projects. Her expertise is focused on issues related to career development, learning, career planning, qualitative research and evaluation of lifelong learning programs.

  • Janusz Kornecki, PhD

    Lead Consultant, Policy & Research

    He holds his PhD in Economic Sciences in the field of Business Management. His research interests focus on a variety of entrepreneurship and SME issues such as a design and evaluation of national and international initiatives and policies for SME development, SME management, innovation and technology commercialization, regions of knowledge. He has got an extensive experience in socio-economic research and a proven track record in the delivery of advisory services for SMEs. 

  • Joanna Smętek

    Senior Consultant, International Research Team (IRT)

    She has extensive experience in conducting qualitative research on human rights. For many years, she cooperated with the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Poland), coordinating studies conducted for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights and other European projects in the area of criminal justice. She has also worked on human rights in the countries of the former Soviet Union, in particular Ukraine, Tajikistan and Armenia. She is a lawyer, human rights expert specializing in criminal procedural rights and an attorney trainee in the Warsaw Bar.

  • Kamila Bugaj

    Senior Consultant, International Development Unit

    She has sound experience in planning, implementation and monitoring of the EU and World Bank funded projects and programmes, in Poland and internationally. Over years, she has worked as an EU Monitoring and Evaluation Expert and has solid background in evaluating EU funded programmes/ projects over a wide range of sectors, following evaluation criteria endorsed by the OECD-DAC. Having participated in various project assignments she has successfully cooperated with key international organizations (UNDP, UNEP, GIZ, World Bank), project partners and key project stakeholders at all levels.

  • Karolina Malińska

    Lead Consulant, Programme & Project Management

    She has experience in implementing and managing grant programs, which has translated into his very good knowledge of the procedures of programs funded by the European Union, the Neighbourhood Matching Fund, the European Economic Area and the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme. Karolina has the ability to objectively evaluate and implement comprehensive strategies and has hands-on experience in organizing and managing the work of her team.

  • Katarzyna Kaczyńska

    Lead Consulant, Programme & Project Management

    Since 2010 Katarzyna has been involved in implementing regranting programs for non-governmental organizations and public entities, she is also experienced with carrying out projects co-financed by the European Union and state funds. She has also carried out many audits and has been involved in monitoring of projects. Prior to her joining Ecorys, she had worked in non-governmental organizations, private sector and state administration.

  • Marta Mackiewicz, PhD

    Director, Policy & Research

    She is a Doctor of Economics with more than 17 years of experience in economic research, combined with practical knowledge in program and project evaluation. Marta has been involved in implementation of over one hundred research and evaluation projects, both for Polish and foreign clients. Since January 2014 she has also been an assistant professor at the Institute of World Economy at the Warsaw School of Economics.

  • Małgorzata Nowak

    Lead Consultant, Policy & Research

    For many years she was involved with the non-governmental sector, mainly engaged in research in the field of culture. Małgorzata has experience in implementing and managing grant programs, international projects, volunteer work organization, and coordination of local and international research projects and events.

  • Piotr Wosik

    Lead Consultant, Communications Department

    He has 20 years of experience in communications (PR, advertising, integrated communication strategies). Prior to joining Ecorys Piotr had been a public relations coordinator in a private company in the financial sector, as well as a manager and strategy developer at an integrated communications agency. He has developed methodologies for successful tenders for information and promotion programs co-financed by the European Union.

  • Sylwia Przyborowska

    Manager, Programme & Project Management

    She has been a financial manager of the Block Grant under the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme since 2011. Sylwia is well-versed in implementing the programs funded by the European Economic Area and the Neighbourhood Matching Fund, she is also in the implementation of grant schemes funded by international organisations and private donors.

We are a knowledge-based company – the foundation of our activities is professionalism and high quality of service, and the basis of our organisational structure are specialised teams that cooperate with each other, allowing us to offer our clients a wide range of services.
The fund operator of the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment and the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation is Ecorys Polska and JCP Srl Italy




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