QMP – Beef is always good


The Polish Association of Beef Cattle Breeders

"QMP – beef is always good" was a three-year promotional and informational campaign, implemented on the Polish market by the Polish Association of Beef Cattle Breeders which incorporates beef producers in Poland, by helping to establish producers groups, providing consulting and training and promoting the ecological breed of the cattle and high quality beef production.

The program’s actions aimed at promoting the QMP (Quality Meat Programme) – the first national quality beef system – to the three target groups: consumers, restaurateurs and beef distributors, opinion-leaders (media and experts).

The objectives of the campaign, which has been conducted by Ecorys Polska incude dissemination of cognisance of the QMP system and benefits of the QMP beef directly at the sales places, establishing the positive brand image for the QMP beef through sharing the hangouts and consulting actions, direct incentive to the QMP beef purchase and placing the re-orders.