I am crazy about milk


Polish Chamber of Milk and Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers
"I am crazy about milk" was a three-year long information and promotion programme conducted by Ecorys Polska. The main goal of the campaign was to raise awareness among the population about health benefits of milk, milk products and to promote milk consumption, especially among children from the target group (age 8-13) and their parents.
The particular objectives of the campaign was to inform and raise awareness of children, mothers and care-takers about nutritional components of milk, yoghurts and cheese; to increase the positive image of milk and milk products among children and mothers/care-takers by 25% and to increase sales of milk and milk products.
As a result, a project informed young consumers and their parents through all its activities about the benefits of drinking milk and eating milk products, and also promoted the idea that drinking milk is trendy and has a positive impact on quality of life – both in terms of development and health.