Ecorys Poland has many years of experience in providing and implementing complex communication services, including educational and cultural events. Our Communications Department team consists of qualified experts with wide experience in designing and implementing multitool social and promotional campaigns, along with theoretical knowledge and experience in the area of advertising off-and online, social media or public relations. Our strong competence is to create and support promotional or incentive events.

Cooperation with independent media houses, creative agencies and research institutions enables us to carry out a campaign of any type and for any market segment. Our advantage is a deep understanding of culture sector, based on everyday collaboration and long-term practice, resulting in many completed projects.

Our team members are experienced in implementing programmes and projects within the public sector. We have a rich knowledge and skills that are necessary to implement social campaigns financed by the EU, regarding all the procedures and guidelines.

The scope of the services provided by the Communications Department:

  • social and promotional campaigns – preparing strategies, implementation and monitoring;
  • complex implementation of educational events (conferences, congresses, seminars, cultural and artistic projects) and commercial events;
  • study of internal communication processes;
  • advising public and private entities in terms of strategy and CSR activities;
  • advising and preparing RFT, RFP, RFQ , RFI related to communication services;
  • supporting creative sector in raising funds for cultural projects and events.

Selected services:

Study of internal communication processes

We offer a study of internal communication processes, which includes a component of atmosphere diagnosis and job satisfaction level evaluation. This allows us to understand the needs and expectations of your employees, which helps creating a proper system of communication within the company and/or improving the existing communication tools or non-wage benefits systems. Well-informed, satisfied employees are the best ambassador of the company. 

Communication strategies

Thanks to our unique merge of competences from research and communication departments, we design and implement communication strategies for clients from both public and private sectors. Professional communication strategy must result from an exact environmental analysis: target groups, competition and baseline situation. Basing on the conclusions of the analytical phase (and sometimes the research phase as well) we verify target groups, set objectives and actions along with their reach and a set of tools, to ensure the best effectiveness and a greater reach of every strategy. Implementation of all planned activities should be followed by a complex evaluation, which will provide feedback on whether the assumptions have been reached and the tools selection was optimal.

Promotional campaigns

We implement multitool, extensive information campaigns – not only for Polish, but also for international clients. Carefully planned public relations activities, strengthened by advertising campaigns in appropriately selected media (newspapers, TV, outdoor, internet), activity in the social media environment, ambient media activities or company events are building a wider range and greater interest of the target groups that can be addressed with a complete, structured message.

Public relations

We know how to work with the media, plan PR activities and choose the best PR tools. Building a positive image among customers, investors and stakeholders is an important part for successful functioning and development of every company, building its position on a competitive market. Properly planned media relations, updating profiles on social networks, systematic investors reporting or placing company experts in the media or other public environments bring long-term benefits, which cannot be achieved by advertising or marketing activities.

Crisis communication

We have participated in a crisis situation management in companies from various industries. Every company, regardless of the market, should be prepared for the image crisis. It is always more efficient and less costly to prevent than to cure, so the strategy of a crisis communication should be prepared in advance – covering the main messages, the means of publishing, formation and functioning of crisis management team, channels and tools of communication, along with a list of potential allies who can help to control the situation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a wide experience in both analyzing existing CSR strategies, as well as building them from scratch with our clients. The concept, according to which the company's development strategy should take into account public interest, the development of local communities or environment protection, is a very important component supporting the brand image in an increasingly competitive market. CSR activities must always match the business process and the development strategy of the company to result in a meaningful transformation that is easy to read for the company consumers.


We provide support in creating and developing events’ concepts, applying them and cooperating during the implementation phase. Appropriately, paired event is an excellent form of image building of a company or a brand and a very efficient way of direct communication with all the stakeholders. Organizing tailored events allows promoting products and services, and build a clear message addressed to the target groups. We plan each event with the use of simple yet effective means of expression, the concern for detail and high efficiency of logistic activities.

Organization of urban games

We specialize in the organizing urban games which are the modern incentive events, each designed from scratch in accordance with the customer needs and expectations. This attraction combines elements of entertainment with exploration and is profiled, taking into account particular reality of a specific organization. This allows the company employees to look at the business and the company from a completely different perspective. During the game, the participants check their knowledge, learn about the surrounding area of their work place, solve a series of puzzles – and work together in a non-standard and sometimes fascinating circumstances.

Annual report / CSR report

When preparing an annual report, we combine the skills from two areas: accounting and financial audits on one hand, with the knowledge and experience in the field of corporate communications and marketing on the other. The annual report is not only a financial evaluation, presenting the results generated by the company during the year, but also an important channel of communication between the company and all the stakeholders. A good annual report shows both the operation of the company in numbers (balance sheet, profit and the loss accounts, technical accounts etc.), along with presenting all the actions taken by the company towards clients and contractors, in the area of R&D and in new technology implementation. The report should also present company activity addressed to the local area or specific groups that require special support. It is a great opportunity to present the results of the company, its achievements, innovation and personnel policies – a kind of compendium of knowledge about the company and the story of its sustainable development strategy.