Policy & Research

The department of Policy & Research is responsible for the development of research, analysis and evaluation, and strategic consulting for companies and public sector entities. We offer analysis, which are core for management and business decisions. Policy & Research team is committed to perform expertise according to the latest research and consulting trends. Our consultants are using a wide range of research and analytical techniques and more than eighty years of Ecorys group experience.

Department of Policy & Research specializes in the evaluation of programmes and projects financed from public sources, including EU funds. We conduct independent audits, which allow to evaluate effectiveness and adequacy of undertaken actions, and to apply corrective measures (if foreseen) in case of diagnosed problems. We work with a wide range of independent specialists, including academic and scientific experts (Polish Academy of Science, University of Warsaw, Warsaw School of Economics). Department of Policy & Research also prepare development strategies at the level of provinces, as well as smaller territorial units.

The scope of services provided by the Department of Policy & Research:

  • conducting evaluation research (ex-ante, on-going, ex-post) of projects and programmes
  • evaluation of the informative and promotional campaigns – appraising the planning process and the implementation of the campaign along with obtained effects
  • market research – analyzing the market on which the clients’ company operates, collecting insight about supply and demand, needs, preferences, and behaviors of consumers and the activity of the competition.
  • organizing and supervising the process of public consultations – consultation process design, diagnosing the needs of residents, organizing and conducting consultations

Selected services:

Market research

Focusing our research on different types of businesses and industries, we combine experience and knowledge of our experts with a variety of methods and techniques. The study aims to analyze the market on which the clients’ company operates, and recognizing its external environment, to collect information about current trends and processes and predict the direction of change and future trends. The main objective of the research is to get the best insight of the incidents and processes of the market, such as: supply and demand, needs, preferences, and behaviors of consumers, along with the activity of the competition. Representing an important part of the marketing analysis, market research help to improve the competitive position of the company, supporting the decision-making process and reducing to a minimum the risk of potential mistakes.

Evaluation of projects and programmes

We offer a complex audit of implemented projects and programmes and the examination of possible quality improvement of companies’ activities and procedures, by leading evaluations before (ex ante), during (on-going) and after (ex post) the implementation of various projects and programmes. Evaluation of the project or program is a detailed comparison of the results of the project with its initial objectives. Every company – regardless of experience, employment rate or industry – implements different projects and programmes. This action can raise many doubts at every stage: from uncertainty concerning the quality of the project itself, through controversies regarding certain operational decisions, to difficulties with summarizing the results and formulating constructive conclusions. Meanwhile, an objective and accurate evaluation of the project in all its phases, and fast respond to identified abnormalities, are the key to success of each planned venture.

Evaluation of information and promotional campaigns

Conducting evaluations of informational or promotional campaign allows to review the process of planning and implementation of the campaign and obtained results. The evaluation permits to:

  • inspect the relevance of the activities and the tools used during the campaign in reference to the needs and capabilities of its recipients,
  • identify the activities and instruments which have contributed to the achievement of the campaign objectives,
  • estimate the degree of accomplishment of campaign objectives (effectiveness and its impact on recipients),
  • formulate specific recommendations necessary for planning future campaigns.

Public consultation

We organize and supervise the public consultation process, for example, as part of the creation of the transport strategy for the County or to designate the functional area of the agglomeration. The objective of the consultation, which is a bilateral dialogue of the social partners, is to receive feedback on planned or implemented project from its future beneficiaries or stakeholders. Thanks to the public consultations project stakeholders are involved in the process of deciding on the ultimate core and shape of the project. Participation in the decision making process increases positive attitudes toward planned or implemented the projects. Therefore public consultations are often an important part of the PR strategy and its importance is being noticed also by private investors. In a result of public consultation client gains a detailed recommendations for planned or carried out projects and investment strategies.

Focus group room

We are equipped with a professional, modern focus group room, for the purposes of research companies, advertising agencies or research projects. Modern infrastructure of two rooms is a result of consultation with the Policy & Research team. Both rooms are fully furnished and equipped to ensure the most comfortable conditions for invited respondents and clients along with best quality of registered test material. To book our focus room please call: + 48 22 339 36 40 or e-mail us: malgorzata.serafin@ecorys.com.